Let's socialize your Processes

Botsolver assists brands customers to have a better online purchase process with their chat mates

On Telegram, Messenger and Skype. (more to come)


Botsolver is a Cross-Platform Assistant that gives the opportunity to Socialize online Brands Processes: Purchasing goods, travel, betting, ticketing on Customers preferite Chat Apps: Telegram, Messenger and Skype.

No more on hold customers

Customer don't want to waste their time (and money) over telephone


Clear and simple options menus


Bots that can be added to groups are the key drivers


Brands get innovative representation from bots


Interactions are very simple, no need to text long or complicated messages like other bots.

Innovative Design/

Menus always at customer's hand

Best technology/

Written with the best technologies available, affordable and fast

Minimal Layout/

Clean informations. No ads or intrusive notifications.

/Multi Platform

Available on Messenger, Telegram and Skype

/Desktop and Mobile Ready

Desktop versions of the Chat Apps are supported


Fast as a Text Message can be.


No need to download anything. Betonbot will be added to your contacts in seconds.

Available on

Choose the platform you usually text with.

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